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Coaching Services

At Patterns at Scale, we are dedicated to helping our clients on their entrepreneurial journey. Through our professional coaching services, we provide guidance and support to help brainstorm, validate, and communicate ideas.

Our goal is to help grow bright ideas into brilliant people!


Brainstorming Sessions

Our brainstorming service is a two-session program designed to help you work through an issue or challenge you are facing. During the first session, we will discuss your problem and potential ideas using coaching frameworks. The second session will be a follow-up to discuss the idea in more detail and use coaching techniques to improve it. We will also provide additional frameworks and resources to help you in the process.

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Idea Validation Sessions

Our idea validation service helps make good ideas great by validating assumptions and providing critical feedback. We offer a thinking partnership that gives you the support and guidance you need to ensure your ideas stand up to scrutiny and reach their full potential.


Idea Communication Sessions

Our coaching services provide a comprehensive approach to presenting and communicating ideas. We offer practice sessions to build confidence in presenting, and work on story telling to better engage your audience. Additionally, our coaches will provide feedback to help you identify areas for improvement.


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"Justin's coaching has helped me level up my game when it comes to thinking through new business ideas. He asks relevant and thought-provoking questions to help me filter and understand which ideas would be the best to pursue, and uncover assumptions and challenges that I may face. Having a safe space to think out loud really helps me sharpen my visionary skills, and discover subconscious fears that I wasn't aware that I had. If you are looking for a life coach that will help you take more action with your ideas, Justin is your guy!"

Roselyn Bevis

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

About Justin.

At Patterns at Scale, I offer certified coaching services to help people reach their goals and take control of their lives. My extensive background in systems engineering, cognitive engineering, and human factors combined with my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction give me the knowledge, skills, and experience to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential.


Whether you’re looking for an experienced coach who can help you understand yourself better, or you’re looking to make changes in your organization, I can provide the guidance and expertise to help you reach your goals. I’m passionate about helping people find solutions to the challenges they face, and believe that everyone can benefit from my unique approach.

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