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I'm a Justin's not-so-secret pen name and alter-ego

A story about the intersection of education, science and research...

A new student is tackling the challenges of normal student life and doing a routine virtual restaurant inspection. Things go awry when a customer falls ill during the final inspection and turns violent. If it was a video game, it would be a zombie cliché. But as an extracurricular project, students are asked to use real science to identify the source of a catastrophic infection. A team of healthcare students, including a health inspector, a biotechnologist, a paramedic and a policemen-in-training, need to work together to find food samples, and a fresh zombie, to perform real tests in the (virtual) lab. If they can solve the mystery, they’ll earn a coveted internship. Should they treat the infected like zombies in a silly video game? Or are they supposed to assume the situation is a simulated reality, and compassionately cure the sick using the skills they learned in class?

This story tackles the near-future by exploring education in virtual reality and the impact of new technology on its core tenants, all the while leading readers to reminisce about their own trials trying to fit in, make connections, and figure out what matters.

Why You'd Like the Book


Zombies and silliness that works


Real Science Stuff


Tips on tricking students into doing their homework


Debates with a semi-evil cabal of unethical researchers that mean well


Learn what virtual reality and the Metaverse really means for education

Actual Reviews

I found this to be a very fun read with an interesting small group of characters, unique storyline, and good ending. Don, good luck in the future!

Stan Keybut

Very good!

Other Projects

Samples, snippets, jokes and ideas that might some day go somewhere... But not today :)

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