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The Nun in the Tomb of the Past

[left in our time capsule, for future people to find]

Who is Sister Marie Clarence?

You probably noticed some creepy nun doll photos.

Those are pictures of Sister Marie Clarence.

Louis, my roommate and forthcoming best man, wrote a biography of SMC to include in the time capsule, but it mysteriously disappeared from his sent box and my inbox when I went to print it. Now he’s in Europe and the note is on his work computer and I’m not in a position to wait a month before wrapping up this project and dealing with the inherit risk of a giant pit in the front of our home. So alas, I will try my best to recount the story of Sister Marie Clarence.

As I understand it, Louis had a friend in the United States that worked in the food service at an old nunnery. The details are fuzzy as I’m usually a little drunk when he tells the tale. Regardless, his friend would care for these elderly folks who’d dedicated their lives to the Church. As nuns, they had no family, children, or anything. They had nobody to inherit their possessions. Nuns, as you would imagine, don’t have much anyways so this is not a huge problem.

When these nuns passed away, their possessions would be laid out on tables for anyone to collect and take home. As was the tradition, when one elderly nun passed, her items were placed on the ‘free’ table. Louis’s friend picked up the porcelain doll and gave it to him as a gift.

The nun who passed away, who used to be the owner of the doll, was named Sister Marie Clarence. Hence, we presently live with a haunted doll that Louis inherited from a nunnery via a friend some years ago. She apparently did not like the previous biography written about her and broke the internet to destroy the contents of Louis’s original note. This is the only way in which I am aware that she is haunted. She’s into very modern hauntings.

Louis has taken many photos with Sister Marie Clarence and his friends. He has quite the collection in his room. Let’s call it a variation on the traveling gnome concept. Sister Marie Clarence has a special place in Louis’ heart. I am sure she will travel with him for years to come.

Why did we include creepy photos of SMC in our time capsule?

Honestly, we thought it would be funny.

And so now, whoever you are, we leave you with the legend of Sister Marie Clarence to do with as you wish.



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